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LingoFish is a highly optimised OOP implementation of the Blowfish cipher, which was designed by Bruce Schneier of Counterpane Labs. It is available with full Lingo source code, free of charge.


  1. Introduction >
    About Blowfish, general advice on crpytography.

  2. Demo >
    Shows LingoFish working on some test data - makes sure it is working.

  3. Downloads > Download all the sources. Plus related links.

Related Article

After encrypting data with LingoFish, you may find you are unable to do anything with it, because FileIO corrupts the data and you cannot send it with postNetText either. You need base-64 encoding.

PHP Scripts

I have now added my PHP implementation for download. Just extract onto a webserver with PHP installed to access the instructions and utilities. This will allow you to communicate with between Lingo and PHP if you do not have mcrypt installed.


2003-11-16: Version 1.11 released. Very minor update. Mainly to make downloading easier.

2002-10-31: Version 1.1 released. The Mac bug has been fixed. You can read about the cause here. Thanks go to Grimmwerks, Robert Buffel and especially Jakob Hede Madsen (who traced the cause of the bug) for all their help with the Mac testing.

2002-06-01: Version 1.0 released.  
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